Nets vs. Atlanta Hawks Preview

Posted: January 18, 2013 in Before Game Analysis
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Tonight we take on the Hawks again, but this time at home. The team will need strong support from the fans so that if they do get caught in a hole they are more encouraged to climb out of it. Now that we’ve played them once and suffered a 14 point loss we should expect that they use the same strategy that just worked wonders for them. I am excited for this one because in the late stages of the game it seemed like the Nets had found the Hawks weaknesses and at least now they can use those against them for a whole 48 minutes rather than about 10 minutes. What I want to see the most is us playing unselfish basketball. There is always an open guy on the floor, it’s just up to their teammates to find them before a defender does. There will be only one difference in this game compared to the last one besides home court advantage, Josh Smith will be playing. Our defense on their front court was already terrible without him and with him adding a whole other dimensional to their offense will require us to improve our defense. What I find ironic is that our 2 loses under P.J. Carlesimo were both blowouts, one by 31 and the other by 14. Obviously 14 is less than half of 31 which shows improvement in how we play when we’re down big but losing by 14 isn’t good either. At least after our 31 point blowout we bounced back and beat OKC by 17. Also, we have to incorporate a quicker reacting offense and defense primarily so we can run and defend the fast break. Atlanta’s guards guards made a living driving to the hoop down a wide open lane and we’ve got to notice that and be there to stop it. The big matchup in this one will be between Deron Williams and Jeff Teague. We really underestimated Jeff Teague in the last one and got what we deserved, a 28 points and 7 assist performance. Deron really has to be the distributor in this one. I think that D-Will will win this one because he knows how to fix the teams problems and once he does, the team flourishes. Lets get a W tonight!



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